Each Everglades Trail site has a kiosk which provides information
on the ecosystem and public use opportunities.

You may find more information to explore the Everglades and Big Cypress Swamp on the web. These are a few places to start your adventure....


More Information...

  South Florida Information Access sofia.usgs.gov

Tourism links

Search these sites to find accommodations, services and attractions:

  Visit Florida VisitFlorida.com
  Tropical Everglades Visitors Association www.tropicaleverglades.com
  Regional Tourism agencies...  
  Florida Trail www.floridatrail.org
  Take a hike on the Florida Trail! You can get on the Trail at several of the Everglades Trail sites.

Musicians contributing to the project

A two CD set, on sale at many of the sites, includes stories and music to accompany your journey. You'll enjoy listening - on the road or at home.

Stories Disc: Music Disc:
1.   Going Down the Everglades Trail
2.   Places To Go…Things To Do…
3.   At Home in the 'Glades
4.   Wetlands & Wildlife
5.   Feathered Barometer
6.   Traveling Over & Through
7.   Creepy, Crawly, Pesky & Poisonous
8.   Under Siege
9.   Alligators & Crocodiles
10.   Water - Lifeblood of an Ecosystem
11.   Valuable & Vulnerable
12.   Explore - Enjoy - Restore

Narration by Charles Osgood
1.   The Bob Robert's Society Band Jimmy Buffett
2.   Observe the Great Blue Heron Marie Nofsinger
3.   Florida Pines Paul Garfinkel & The Ashley Gang
4.   Oh, Kissimmee Dale Crider
5.   Hold Back the Waters Jon Semmes & The Florida Friends
6.   River of Grass Tiger Tiger
7.   Si Tu Te Vas (If You Go Away) Carlos Barrientos
8.   The Memory of Florida Bay Mark Smith
9.   Everglades – Don’t Let Her Die Sir Charles Atkins
10.   Island for Wildlife Medley Gamble Rogers
11.   Help Us Save the Everglades Cindy Hackney
12.   The Ballad of Skip Wiley Jimmy Buffett
13.   Going Down the Everglades Trail Herb Reichelt

These are some of the musicians that contributed their songs...
  Jimmy Buffett margaritaville.com
  Dale Crider www.anhingaroost.net
  Paul Garfinkel ashleygang.com
  Gamble Rogers gamblerogers.com
  Tiger - Tiger tigertigermusic.com
  Jon Semmes and
the Florida Friends
  Marie Nofsinger https://myspace.com/marienofsinger
  Carlos Barrientos with the Southern Art Music Ensemble  

Government Agencies

Many government agencies are involved in conserving the Greater Everglades Ecosystem....

  South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task Force www.sfrestore.org
  Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan www.evergladesplan.org
  South Florida Water Management District sfwmd.gov
  U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service www.fws.gov
  National Park Service nps.gov
  Florida Park Service www.dep.state.fl.us/parks
  Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve www.rookerybay.org
  U. S. Army Corps of Engineers www.usace.army.mil
  Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission myfwc.com
  Florida Department of Environmental Protection www.dep.state.fl.us

Conservation Organizations

Conservation organizations advocate protection, conservation, and restoration of the Everglades...The Everglades Trail does not endorse any of these organizations. DISCLAIMER

  Friends of the Everglades
founded by Marjory Stoneman Douglas
  Tropical Audubon Society tropicalaudubon.org/tashome.html
  Audubon Society of the Everglades auduboneverglades.org
  National Audubon Society audubonofflorida.org
  Florida Wildlife Federation www.fwfonline.org
  Sierra Club florida.sierraclub.org
  National Wildlife Federation nwf.org/everglades
  The Wilderness Society wilderness.org
  The Nature Conservancy
  The Everglades Foundation saveoureverglades.org
  Everglades Coalition evergladescoalition.org
  The Everglades Trust evergladestrust.org

Other Interesting Sites

You will find many other interesting places to visit in the region...

  Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida www.miccosukee.com
  Seminole Tribe of Florida www.seminoletribe.com
  Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum www.ahtahthiki.com
  Forever Florida foreverflorida.com
  Windley Key Geological Site State Park http://floridastateparks.org/windleykey
  Clyde Butcher photographs clydebutcher.com
  Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary corkscrew.audubon.org
  Museum of the Everglades evergladesmuseum.org

Sponsors of the Everglades Trail

The Everglades Trail is a project initiated by Marvin and Lee Cook (then owners of Wilderness Graphics, Inc.), the Florida Chapter of the Nature Conservancy and the Friends of Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. The Trail was introduced by U.S. Senator Bob Graham and created with the support of Office of Greenways and Trails, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Florida Department of Transportation Environmental Managment Office, with the assistance of Visit Florida and participation of local, state, and federal agencies.

Friends of the Everglades has assumed interests of the Everglades Trail Association, Inc.

Disclaimer: The sites listed above are web sites that have information about the Everglades. By listing these sites on the Everglades Trail website, the participants and sponsors of the Everglades Trail are not endorsing any of these web links. Links, web addresses, or information contained on the listed sites are the sole responsibility of the sponsor of the listed web sites.